Kitcikisik (Great Sky) Tellings that Fill the Night Sky

Author Pawaminikititicikiw / Wilfred Buck
Publisher Six Nations: Indigenous Education Press

Kitcikisik (Great Sky) Tellings That Fill the Night Sky tells the story of Mista Muskwa (Great Bear), Mikisiw Mikwun Atik (Eagle Staff), Mistatim (Horse) and Ocik (Fisher).
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Craft, A. (2021) Treaty Words: For as Long as the Rivers Flow. Toronto: Annick Press.

On the banks of the river that have been Mishomis’s home his whole life, he teaches his granddaughter to listen—to hear both the sounds and the silences, and so to learn her place in Creation. Most importantly, he teaches her about treaties—the bonds of reciprocity and renewal that endure for as long as the sun shines, the grass grows, and the rivers flow.